About us

A charming combination of modernity and authenticity …

Ideally located in Ankorondrano, in the private and secured Tana Water Front, the TAMBOHO Hôtel provides guests privacy and tranquility just a stone’s throw away from the city center and close to the business area. Settled on the shore of a small lake looking out over rice fields on one side and on a mini-mall on the other, the Tamboho will seduce you with its subtle blend of Malagasy traditional architecture and western comfort.

Design and technology get together with materials and tradition

The best handicrafts artists have been invited to express their talent by subliming local materials such as rock, wood, iron, steel, aluminum, delicate stones, and raffia. The blissfully result gives a combination of authenticity and contemporary, exceptionally unique in its originality and coziness, bringing a sense of serenity, in the City Of The Twelve Holly Hills …

A large range of services to
satisfy all your needs.